Redefine Workspace

Give priority to enhancing employee experiences and address the future challenges faced by the contemporary workplace.

In the age of prioritizing employee experiences, the rapidly changing digital requirements are becoming more complex and diverse, resulting in a challenging IT environment. Additionally, the rising expenses and time required to maintain the digital workplace often lead to growth strategies being delayed or neglected.

If your workplace is using outdated technologies and processes, it not only hinders productivity and frustrates users but also puts customer satisfaction, user security, and adherence to environmental, social, and governance compliance at risk. Furthermore, without a well-defined digital workplace strategy, you face potential challenges such as high employee turnover, competitive threats, and declining profits.

Whether you’re considering a remote-first or hybrid work model, Dorcom can assist you in addressing the future needs of the modern workplace. We ensure that your employees stay connected and productive, enhance customer experiences, and enable your IT team to concentrate on the digital strategies that are vital for your organization’s success.

At Dorcom, we take off your hands the need to address any personal IT issues, and offer the most innovative and advanced service of its kind.

No need to purchase personal IT hardware and software tools, but simply use them!

How it works?

Choose the workspace
That you need

Dorcom’s professional service at
your business

Pay eavery month. No extra coasts
– No surprises

Get new Devices after 36 months

Why would the CFO be happy when you tell him?

Cost savings compared to standard equipment purchase model

No surprises - fixed payments with no fees, hidden costs or prepayments

Payment flexibility - Option for monthly / quarterly / semi-annual / annual payment

With no heavy initial expenses burdening cash flow

The most advanced low cost technology solution

Why are more and more companies doing this?

It's the easy and cheap way to always work with the latest technology

No surprises - fixed payments with no fees, hidden costs or prepayments

You have full service and responsibility throughout the contract

Flexibility in pulling and returning the equipment

Computing management system and service malfunctions

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