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Unleashing the Future of IT: Our As-A-Service Revolution

We’re pioneers in the Israeli market, introducing the transformative “As-A-Service” philosophy, allowing you to utilize almost any product or service as a monthly service. Our “As-A-Service” services make corporate computing costs predictable and adaptable. Whether it’s PC as a Service, IAAS, Backup As-A-Service, and DR As-A-Service, our services are designed to help your business adapt to a hyper-dynamic environment.

The solution portfolio includes:

  • Redifining Workspaces – Device-As-A-Service
  • Infinite Possibilities: IAAS and the Power of the Cloud – Infrastructure As-A-Service (IAAS) is available as a public cloud, private cloud, or even a cloud on your site (on-premise), all using a consumption-based model.
  • Securing Your Data – Backup As-A-Service – both in the cloud and on your premises, using a consumption-based model.
  • Guarding Your Business: Disaster Recovery As-A-Service.

All these services are provided with the option of Hebrew support throughout the contract period, ensuring comprehensive system monitoring. We’re committed to integrating world-class technology with superior customer support to deliver the solutions you need.

Success Stories

Dorcom Computers, through Cloud’em, completed a massive project, migrating the activities of eTeacher, the largest Ed-Tech company in Israel, from local infrastructures to its hosted IT services.

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